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Bucket Buddy

This handy, yet essential bucket bag was created using the best research and technology, and we have determined it is the last bag liner you will ever use.


After you learn the benefits of the bucket buddy 2in1, you will know this is the greatest accessory since the paint brush for your painting needs.

Features & Directions

Learn everything from features and directions that your new product has to offer and start enjoying a lifetime of paint jobs without the mess.


Revolutionary Paint Bucket Bag



Discover the perfect solution for keeping paint in your surroundings clean when you choose Bucket Buddy 2in1, the ultimate bucket bag.

Advantages & Benefits

Prevent paint from drying out due to oxygen exposure with our product. When you securely place our liner over a filled bucket of paint, the elements stay out, which helps your paint retain its color and last longer.

Great Job-After-Job

The Bucket Buddy 2in1 liner completely lines the interior of your standard paint buckets, ensuring the tightest seal and security. This eliminates the need to clean your bucket with water or washing solvents since our product captures all excess liquids. In addition, since our liner covers the entire interior of the paint bucket, new paint remains free from debris and residue left behind from previous paint jobs.

Environmentally Friendly

The Bucket Buddy 2in1 liner proves to be an environmentally friendly product by eliminating the need to wash paint pigment, solvent chemicals, and flaky, dry paint chips down the drain and into our water drainage systems. The liner also saves gallons and gallons of water used to wash the paint buckets.


The Bucket Buddy 2in1, made in Palmdale, California, is a uniquely designed, disposable paint bucket liner. It does not matter if your bucket is new or used, these liners protect and keep paint from getting out and allows you to switch colors in seconds.

Unlimited Benefits

Cleanup is fast and easy when you use our bucket liners. You will save money on buckets and help the environment worldwide by using less water to wash them out. In addition, by using Bucket Buddy 2in1 liners, there will be no more:

•Contaminating Our Environment Due to Washing Paint Buckets
•Homeowner Workers or Employees of Contractors Washing Paint Buckets on Wasteland or Real Property
•Paint or Foreign Substance Products Entering into Our Water Drainage Systems
•Pouring, Splashing, and/or Splattering Paint or Foreign Substance Products on All Surfaces
•Cleaning Paint Buckets in Extreme Weather Conditions: Hot, Cold, Rainy, and Windy
•Wet Clothes or Shoes from Stepping in Paint Puddles and/or Foreign Substance Product Puddles
•Wasting Time Cleaning Paint Buckets after Every Use


Features and Directions


Manufactured of durable, yet flexible plastic material 7.0 Mils painters plastic (Low Density Polyethylene) the Bucket Buddy 2 in 1 liner is a tubular shaped bag boasting a round, flat base. Our product is designed to rest flush against the bottom of the paint bucket with the sides of the bag configured to line the walls of the paint bucket. A stretch-elastic banding runs the length of the bag's opening, securing the unit in place over the mouth of the paint bucket.

  1. Insert liner and mold to bucket
  2. Fold lip of liner around mouth of bucket
  3. Pour product into liner
  4. Pull lip of liner away from mouth of bucket to release excess air between liner and bucket (if necessary)
  5. After use, empty bucket content into container
  6. Remove liner and allow drying before disposal
  7. Overnight or during breaks, apply second liner cover bucket to prevent contents from drying